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Major Project: Coverage

One aspect of filming that I have realised is very important as a director is "coverage":

"As a director, you should begin planning what you’re going to do when you get to the set long before the shooting starts. Whether or not you’re working from a script, you should develop a shot list to ensure that whatever the subject you’re filming, you’ll get enough coverage to successfully edit the scene.

Coverage refers to the collection of shots you will film to tell the story of the scene. You might get some wide shots and some close-ups, and various other shots so that in the editing room, you’ll have many options to ensure the story is communicated in the most effective way possible."

Here is a video I found which tells me everything I need to know about coverage as a director, with useful tips:

I found this video very useful and interesting as it's informed that I need to get the right balance of coverage (something I have never thought about before). It makes good points that you can have too much coverage which ultimately affects the production. If I film too many takes of the same scene, then I'm losing too much precious time and money in the shoot week, as well as in the editing process.

On the other hand, it's showed me how important coverage is, as the example they used was very dull and slow with only one master shot. When I create my pilot (and future projects) I will make sure I get plenty of coverage i.e cutaways, so the editor can have shots to use and not have to demand a reshoot (which again is time and money).

One thing I have learnt recently is filming the reactions of characters, particularly in conversation scenes:

"Sometimes the camera should be on the silent character rather than the one with the most dialogue"  

This is great for editing (to protect performances/slip ups), as well as helping the programme cut quicker, and in turn giving it a good pace so the audience do not drift off.

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